Adobe Flash 10 Update DashboardClient Troubles

Facebook has been yelling at me lately to get this Adobe Flash 10 Plug-in update. So, today I decided to update and wow its nice to see Adobe forget how to be friendly to the OS that it probably should be most thankful for. After downloading, unpacking and mounting the disk image, I double click to install the update. Stepping through the wizard eventually led to an error about having to quit the DashboardClient. Seriously, I have never seen this as a requirement to install anything, let alone a lousy plug-in. Quitting and Force Quitting via the Finder –> Go –> Utilities –> Activity Monitor did not seem to help, nor did killing the application via the terminal. Eventually, I decided to just log out and back in and immediately go through the installation process again, before starting anything else up. This seemed to work, but is a little ridiculous to have to go through. The following support page has some pointers if you are having similar difficulties.

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