Remote Connecting to CPanel MySQL Database via DailyRazor

Many website hosting services provide a tool to manage your websites via CPanel. Normally, your website hosting company will also provide cheap or free database hosting for MySQL. One such example is the award-winning hosting company DailyRazor.

Create MySQL Database via CPanel

CPanel makes it very easy to create a new MySQL database by just going to the “Databases” section.

Creating a MySQL Database via CPanel

Create User for MySQL Database via CPanel

Add a new user like so:

Creating a user for a MySQL database via CPanel

Add that new user to your new database:

Adding a user to the MySQL Database via CPanel

Manage User Privileges for MySQL User via CPanel

Once you add a user to a database, you will be redirected to a new page in CPanel to establish and manage that users privileges.

Adding MySQL privileges for a user via CPanel

Allowing a Remote Connection to Your New MySQL Database via CPanel

Now, you can allow remote connections your MySQL Database via CPanel by first going to that section of CPanel

Remote MySQL icon in CPanel

Once you click “Remote MySQL”, you are taken to a page where you should enter the IP address you want to allow access:

Remote IP or Hostname to
 MySQL Database

You can look up your remote IP address by going to sites like or you can find your external IP from the command line with curl

Test Remote Connection to MySQL Database via TablePlus

Now, you can use your favorite database client. If you do work with multiple databases, I would highly recommend using TablePlus. First select “Create a new connection…”. Then, enter in your website’s hostname, the standard MySQL database port 3306, your new username and password, and your database’s name. Then, press “Test” and if you see the fields turn “green” you are good to go.

TablePlus 3.12.4 Test Remote MySQL Database Connection

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