Repairing LED Blinking 10 or 2 Times on TH-50PZ800U Panasonic Plasma Television

Panasonic Plasma TV TH-PZ800U Faced Down Back Panel Off

Recently, I experienced an issue with my Panasonic Plasma TV, model TH-50PZ800U, where it turned off and would not turn back on. All I would hear is a couple clicks and I wouldn’t hear the final sound after a pause. Instead, I would see the LED light on the lower…

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Getting Free Wood Chips and Logs

I had been looking for ways to get free wood chips and logs for a while, so that I can use them for flower beds, in the garden, amending soil, smothering Japanese Knotweed, and, of course, for bonfires. After doing some research, here is where I would recommend starting and…

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