Today I was interested in getting some personal copies of some pictures from a friend’s facebook album. Before going down the mundane and tedious task of downloading each one individual, I asked myself what anyone who likes to solve problems should ask–“Is there a better way to achieve this end goal?”  Therefore, I decide to google “how to download a facebook album” and low and behold, the first hit does exactly what I want. All you need to do is have Firefox and install the plugin. FacePAD is pretty simple to use. I didn’t find instructions readily available, so I just tinkered around and had it figured out in a couple minutes. Once you have it installed, simply go to the list of albums of one of your friends in Facebook and right click on the album’s link you want to download and you should see an option for “Download Album with FacePAD.” Now, a little trial and error was needed to discover this method will only download the first page of photos. The better option I found was to go to the first page and right click on each page number at the upper right of the photos. Hope this helps someone’s life better!

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