Igloo Cooler Repair

Recently a friend of mine came into town and brought a cooler for beer. He found the cooler after a tailgating at a college football game. Apparently, people leave them behind all the time, probably because they are broken. Turns out this cooler had no latch and both of the plastic hinges were broken. He left this cooler with me, as he just planned on getting another one at some point later during a future tailgate.

So, I decided I would repair it. I thought at first that maybe I would buy official Igloo parts, such as the Igloo 24012 for the hinges (which I determined by measuring the distance of the holes for the screws). I didn’t really want to replace the broken hinges with more plastic hinges, which are just bound to break. It turns out I couldn’t find a single genuine metal hinge for this Igloo model. There is another hinge that seems to be very common and which has metal versions, which is the Igloo 24005, but that has a different dimensions.  These metal hinges were a bit pricey anyways, so I decided to try my own solution.

I went to Lowes and found the 3 1/2″ Swivel Hasp (Gate House #0482774) and two 2″ metal hinges (Gate House #0308970) for about $8 total. The hinges were easy to install with some pilot holes because the rear of the cooler does not have recessed areas for the hinges to fit into. Using the swivel hasp required using a couple of the broken hinge pieces to allow me to mount it correctly. Cheap fix and it should last forever.


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