Follow Up on Repairing LED Blinking 10 or 2 Times on TH-50PZ800U Panasonic Plasma Television

It has been about a month since I got my TV back up and running, but yesterday it exhibited the same issues all over again. One of the possible solutions on IFIXIT was to use a hair dryer on the rear vents. People are saying that they live in humid areas and that using a hair dryer for several minutes got their TV’s back up and running. I can’t recall exactly what the weather was like the first time this happened, but I can say for sure that yesterday it was quite humid. I tried this potential solution a couple times, but alas it was to no avail.

The situation is looking grimmer, so I revisited the repair video. It is not exactly for my model TV. Also, after rewatching it I knew two things. 1) I don’t think my soldering skills are up to the challenge. 2) I’m pretty sure I would need to spend nearly $100 in parts at nearly over $20 and tools such as a desoldering iron, desoldering wick, solder, solder paste, etc. When all things are considered, it is getting harder to justify a repair when I combine the cost of my time compared to how cheap TVs have gotten since I purchased this one nearly 10 years ago.

With that said, I tried unplugging all of the HDMI cables from the TV, the RCA cables, then the power cord (which was plugged directly into a wall and not a power strip or UPS). Then, I waited for a bit and plugged the TV back in, but this time to a power strip (a UPS was suggested, but not readily available). When I turned the TV on, it stayed on this time with out the sequence of two flashing lights. Next, I plugged one HDMI cable in and turned the input on the TV to it. It seems to be back and working now, but I am now starting to shop for a new TV.

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